I'm A Winner! (or, Men Are Stupid!)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009
So, I did something pretty dumb this weekend.

In Korea, there's a chain of restaurants/bars called "Garten Bier". The drinks are pretty cheap, and you aren't required to buy food like at some other places (a common practice in Korea), so it 's a good place to meet up with friends.

Anyway, one of the other gimmicks they have is a sort of "mini-fridge" for your beer. The table has a built in cooling apparatus, which cools your beer. And the beer glasses fit in perfectly. Pictures below.

Anyway, I challenged my friend to see who could keep put their hand inside the beer holder, and keep it in the longest. My friend is from Toronto, which is further north than Wisconsin or Minnesota, the two states I've lived in. But, he's always complaining about how cold it is here, so I give him crap from time to time. So, that's why I put forth the challenge.

I didn't keep track of how long I kept my hand in, but it was definitely over 10 minutes (although we started with the cooler off, so it took awhile to cool down.) It was a struggle.

And after I took my hand out, I realized I had some minor frostbite.

Needless to say, after a couple days, my hand now looks like this:

It's a little sore to the touch now, but I don't have any loss of motion in my hands, which is the only thing I was really worried about.

And hey, you know what? My friend quit before I did, and it's a good thing he did, because his hand doesn't look nearly as bad as mine. I guess he didn't have his pressed against the metal as tightly.

So, in the end, I'm a winner!

And that' s what counts!


Galinaros said...

The first two pictures complain about a denied referral. Check it out. ;)

And... you're an idiot, but idiots are usually winners. Good job :)

toadhjo said...

Alright, I fixed the pictures.
The school nurse had a look at my hand and suggested I go see a doctor, so I'm going to do that this afternoon. I'm not too worried about it though. It's a little sore, but it seems to be just the upper surface of my skin. So I'm not too worried
Although this is Korea, so maybe they'll try to axe my fingers off!

bellatori said...

I once was so plastered downtown that my shoe fell off and I walked around without it in the middle of february. I had the same sort of frostbite on my foot and I'm fine now <3 you'll be ok, Henry-chan. Just stop being such a boy.

Nicole said...

Not just men, I'd say. As a woman I'll often do crazy-stupid stuff to keep up with the boys and show them I can be just as stupid as them. Congrats on winning!

I just finished reading most of your blog in an attempt to learn more about Daejeon. I'm coming to Daejeon in just less than a month to teach at a private school. Thanks for all the insight! I can't wait