Jisun - 1st Album

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Alright, here's the "new feature" I promised!

I'm going to post up some Korean music every Monday. When I'm in a different country, I really enjoy finding and listening to the local music, both mainstream and otherwise. I'm always scouring the internet for new stuff to listen to, so I figure I'll share some of it here. I'll try to post up a Youtube video so you can listen to one song easily, and if you're into it, I'll have a download link posted as well.

What I have today is the debut album from the Jisun, the former singer of Loveholic. The entire album is pretty chill; some of it doesn't excite me too much, but there are some pretty good tunes, and Jisun's voice is amazing.

Anyway, here's a sampling, the song "Universe".

And here is the entire album, if you're interested.

More next week!


Galinaros said...

Oh, wow. I am quite likely to be wrong in entirety when I say this, but I am overjoyed to find some New Age Korean music. Yeah, I know it isn't New Age...

Anyway, it sounds similar. Thanks for sharing this! I'll likely own this album in a few days, and I will certainly keep an eye on these posts.