My EPIK Failure as a Blogger

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
I suppose I was never a very prolific blogger to begin with, but I feel like I've really been slacking the past week or so. Perhaps it's time to rededicate myself to the craft.

There are a lot of things to I could write about, but I haven't really felt moved to write about them.

I kind of wonder if I'm falling into a "rut" here. Not a terrible one, but a minor one. I'm still enjoying myself, and I'm not homesick, but I'm just a little bit bored I think. I think I felt that way a little bit when I was in Japan after a few months as well.

However, I was only in Japan for about 4 months, so I never really had time to get out of my "rut". In fact, I think my limited time there made it worse in some ways. Knowing you're only going to be someplace for another month or two changes how you interact with other people, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

I don't have a harsh time limit like that imposed on me here. I'm interested to see what will happen as I stay here longer. Will I start to feel more "culture shock"? Or is it something I'm already past? I guess we'll see.

And who know, maybe I'll blog about it too! :P


James R said...

but it's nice to see your updates once in a while. from what i feel about english teachers around me versus previously exchange students around me, it's a little harder finding yourself when you're working full time, but those that seeked, found. this time around i'm still seeking...haven't you started a band over there yet by the way?